Vintage Coffee has a well trained commercial team which will address all aspects relevant to a customer right from enquiry to post delivery follow up.
The team is geared up to provide solutions to all commercial requirements of the customers. Meticulous planning and follow up is done for scheduling production, negotiating best rates from shipping lines, movement of containers to and from form the port and vessel onloading.
Customers are continuously kept informed on status of the vessel till it reaches port and there after on documents for banking.

Bulk Packs
Container SKU No. of Cartons Net Weight in Kg's
40 Ft 25kgs 630 15750
30 Ft 25kgs 265 6625
Ft SKU No. of Cans per Carton No. of Cartons per Container Net Weight in Kg's
40 Ft 50g 48 3885 9324 kgs
40 Ft 100g 24 3885 9324 kgs
40 Ft 200g 24 2079 9979 kgs
0 Ft 50g 48 1800 4320kgs
0 Ft 100g 24 1800 4320kgs
0 Ft 200g 24 900 4320kgs